Top 7 Best Drawing Apps For Ipad In 2020

Top 7 Best Drawing Apps for iPad in 2020

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Did you know the iPad goes as far back as April 2010 and was first brought to the table as a hybrid between a Mac and an iPhone? Today, there are over 500 million iPad users.

Many people use the iPad for work or study. But since the release of the Apple Pen, more people started using the iPad to make digital art. Before, digital artists and illustrators had to spend thousands on a drawing tablet and PC.

An Apple Pen and iPad Pro are great alternatives to traditional graphic tablets. Here are some of the best drawing apps for iPad devices. Create and share your art today with these Apple iPad drawing apps.

Drawing App

Apple’s Procreate is one of the best drawing apps for iPad because of its professional tools. It comes with a complete set of drawing tools and brush settings. You also get unlimited layers with a range of other features like Alpha Lock!

If you can’t find the brush you need, Procreate allows you to create your own! Developers created Procreate specifically for the Apple iPad Pro and Apple users only. You can use Procreate with or without the Apple Pencil.

Procreate provides its users with a smooth workflow. Users may save their work in a variety of formats, including PNG, JPEG, PSD, TIFF, and PDF. You can even record your work with Procreate’s timelapse feature.

This app is available on the Apple App Store for $10. It’s a single purchase, so after you buy it it’s yours forever! With its recent updates, you can even make animations on Procreate.

  • Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook is one of the most popular drawing apps among digital artists. Autodesk Sketchbook offers its users a variety of digital pens, pencils, airbrushes, and markers. You can access Autodesk Sketchbook’s tools through a smart but simple user interface.

Enjoy a smooth workflow with its distraction-free interface. This app also offers gestures and shortcuts for easy access to your favorite tools. The best thing about Autodesk Sketchbook is that it’s free!

  • Astropad Standard

Astropad does not only offer a drawing platform for your iPad. With Astropad, you can turn your iPad into a personal drawing tablet for your Mac. All you need to do is download Astropad on both your iPad and Mac.

Astropad offers a natural drawing experience while displaying your work on the Mac. Astropad can work wirelessly through a WiFi connection or a USB cable. Astropad works fast and lag-free, displaying work at 60 FPS.

Astropad is ideal for artists who use professional apps like Photoshop and Illustrator. This app offers a custom pressure curve for the Apple Pencil. Its advanced stroke feature removes unwanted lines.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Wacom tablet, get Astropad!

  • Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint

This app is ideal for artists who prefer a traditional approach. Clip Studio Paint is a popular drawing app among illustrators and manga artists. Clip Studio Paint offers clean and dynamic brushes that users can customize with ease.

Developers created Clip Studio Paint for desktop use. If you’re using an iPad Pro and Pencil, it may take some time to get used to it. Clip Studio Paint is one of the best drawing apps for inking and coloring.

With its customizable brushes, you can also create vector art. New Clip Studio Paint users get a 6-month free trial. After the trial period, Clip Studio Paint is $9 per month.

  • Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is one of the best drawing app options on iPad for those who work with vector graphics. Affinity Designer offers a smooth workspace, allowing users to zoom and pan at 120 FPS. It supports Apple Pencil and allows you to use pressure sensitivity, angle sensitivity, and tilt.

It offers a wide range of intuitive tools. These include pen, pencil, corner, geometry, curve editing, and smart shape tools. Affinity Designer allows its users to navigate the UI with ease.

One of Affinity Designer’s best features is its Vector and Raster mode. Users can switch between both modes with ease. Set up each layer and tap on the menu button to switch between toolbars.

  • Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is another great vector-based drawing app. This version of Adobe Illustrator on iPad is similar to the desktop application Illustrator. This app offers its users a simple UI and many vector-based drawing tools.

Adobe Illustrator Draw allows its users to use separate drawing and photo layers. Users can also sync their work on their Adobe Creative Cloud. This drawing app allows you to create perfectly straight lines and geometric shapes.

This app also offers its users a perspective grid. Artists can use this to map shapes and drawings to a perspective plane. This drawing app is free until the release of Illustrator’s full version on the iPad.

  • Pixelmator


Pixelmator is one of the best drawing apps for beginners thanks to its simple but intuitive UI. iPad users can use Pixelmator for sketching, painting, and even photo editing. Pixelmator is a great layer-based application.

Pixelmator has over 100 brush options available to its users. Each brush set covers various painting and drawing techniques from oils to crayons. Pixelmator offers double-texture brush technology so you can attain the maximum detail in your paintings.

Pixelmator supports layers and has an eyedropper tool. It allows users to save images in various image formats like PSD, JPEG, PNG, and more. Users can share their work with any social media and sync it to their iCloud.

Try The Best Drawing Apps For iPad Devices Now!

Now you know some of the best drawing apps for iPad devices. In the new age, people have a wide range of applications and devices at their disposal. These are some of the best drawing apps for illustrators and artists with an iPad device and Pencil.

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