How to Get Referrals Online Free and Fast (2020)

How to Get Referrals Online Free and Fast (2020)

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Are you struggling to get referrals? Do you want to know how to get unlimited referrals for free?

Don’t worry, in this article, I’ll tell you how to get referrals free and fast for PTC or any other website step by step.

The methods which I am going to explain are not only for masterminds, anyone can easily implement them to get unlimited referrals for free.

how to get referrals

How to Get Referrals Online Free and Fast

Here I am going to tell you 2 types of methods, free and paid. It is up to you which one you want to use.

  • Free Methods (#1-9)
  • Paid Methods (#10-12)
  • GetRef

GetRef is a very good website for getting referrals. I am personally using this and found it very helpful.

All you have to do is, create an account and earn some credits (free of cost)  and then use these credits to get referrals for your link.

The whole signup process is simple and I don’t think that you will face any problem but in case you do then use the comment box to ask me.

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  • Blog or Website

If you or your friend have a website or blog with good traffic then you can place your referral link there to get referrals.

This is a great way of getting direct referrals online and by the way, marketers use their blogs or websites to generate affiliate sales by affiliate marketing.

  • Traffic Exchange and Ad Posting Sites

You can also use different traffic exchanges and ad posting sites to generate referrals. Some of the best traffic exchange sites are:


There are tons of other sites which you can use too and they are good sources of getting referrals.


Ad posting sites are also great for this purpose. Place your Ads including your referrals links on different ad posting websites, e.g Olx, Quiker, Craiglist, etc. Use those which are free and see if they work for you or not.

Get Referrals Online Free And Fast

  • Social Media Sites

The easiest method of getting unlimited referrals is by placing your link on social media sites like:

Social Media is going very popular nowadays and it is a great source of getting unlimited direct referrals for PTC or any site.

  • Microworkers

Join a site called Microworkers to buy referrals fast and free for any website. Yes, you have read it right, buy referrals free.

Basically, here you have to spend money in order to make people perform the task you have given but I will show you how you can use this system for free.

The trick is, you have to earn some money from here by doing some micro jobs, don’t worry they are very simple and anyone can do them. When you perform tasks you will get paid and when you earn a few dollars then you can use this money to create a campaign and then buy referrals.

You can buy one referral as low as 0.10$. I have already tried this method and got so many referrals for many sites and this is a 100% legit way.

Watch this short tutorial to learn how it works:

  • Adhitz

If you have a website or a blog then join a site called Adhitz. This is an advertising website just like Google Adsense.

Place the ads on your blog or website which has some traffic and when you earn 2$ then you can place your link (referral link) on this site to advertise and as your campaign starts you will start getting referrals.

This is a very trusted and personally tested way to get referrals online.

  • Neobux Ultimate Strategy

Here I am providing you with the Ultimate Strategy of Neobux. In this, you will find lots of ways on how to earn good money with Neobux and how to get unlimited referrals.

The strategies which are mentioned here will not only work for Neobux but for any site.

  • Article Submission Sites

There are lots of article submission websites available which you can definitely use to get referrals but make sure that you choose high-quality websites with a lot of traffic on them and write articles there about your referral link.

Mention in the article that what opportunities or benefits this website (which you are promoting) could give and then add your referral link there.

The quality article submission websites have thousands of daily visitors and they can give you lots of high-quality referrals and this is one of the creative ways to get referrals.

Please make sure that you do not spam them, just be natural.

  • Blog Commenting

Those who have the knowledge of SEO, know how beneficial this technique is to not only get backlinks but also traffic.

So, find some sites with good traffic and try to comment on your referral link. Make sure that you do real blog comments as spammy comments will not be approved by the site owners.

  • Video Marketing

Nowadays, video marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to tell others about your business.

The great thing is you can implement this strategy for free to get referrals in no time.

The best platforms which you can use are:

You have to be a bit creative and have to find out how your business or link you are promoting can solve other’s problems.

When you figured it out, create amazing videos related to it and add your referral link in the video description, and see the magic.

  • SeoClerks (Paid)

SeoClerks is a very good site from where you can buy referrals and lots of other digital marketing services at a very cheap price.

Simply give it a try and buy unlimited referrals at a very discounted price.

  • Email Marketing (Paid)

Email Marketing (paid)

Email marketing is a very popular way of getting traffic to your website, affiliate links, or anything you want, but it’s possible only if you have an email list.

As it is somewhat difficult to build an email list so I highly recommend investing some money in a good tool to build your list.

For email marketing, my #1 choice is Aweber. Not only because it has tons of features but also very cheap.


Before paying the money; you can use this tool free of cost for 30 days. If you like it only then you can continue with their premium plans.

With the help of this tool, you can create amazing landing pages and collect the Emails of potential customers and then convert them into your customers or referrals very easily.

  • Facebook Advertising (Paid)

Facebook advertising is a paid but very cheap way of getting unlimited referrals online.

If you have a budget then I highly recommend that you use this method as that will help you a lot in improving your business.

Steps To Take After Getting Referral

I am 100% sure that if you use my above-mentioned strategies you will easily get tons of referrals.

But, you have got the referral. Now What? Should you stop there?

The straightforward answer is no. Why?

Because a non-active referral is like no referral. You have to do the following steps after getting a referral in order to keep him active.

  • Send a thanks message to your referral and welcome him to the program
  • Ask him that if he needs any help you are always there
  • Reply to his queries as fast as possible
  • Follow up with your referral every few months to check if he needs any help

The Bottom Line!

So, guys, these are some of the creative ways to get referrals free and fast for PTC or any website you want. I hope they will work for you as they are working for me. I will continue adding new methods as I find, so keep visiting to stay updated.

A Thing to Remember to Get Referrals!

Getting Referrals is not very important, the important is to maintain a referral and to keep it active and it is only possible if you are promoting a genuine site that provides real value to the users.

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  1. I need sure fired 1000 referrals initially. Those referrals have to be serious, must understand the gravity of the project, should have real documents with them. They must be serious regarding the project, should come back every 24 hours interval to activate a lightning button of a free mobile mining 100% genuine project that would gonna make them wealthy in near future, like the Bitcoin did to many a Billionaires/millionaires. Do help me please to get as much as referrals I can afford to.
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    1. Hi Austin,
      I don’t know what exactly the issue is and can’t tell you like this. If you are facing trouble with Getref try other methods.
      I hope it helps!

  4. Vina Joy Morales

    I’ve already post the link on my social media,, but there is no referrals came, what should I do to get referrals? Thank you

    1. Hi
      Don’t just rely on social media to gain referrals. Try every method to check which works for you.
      Hope it helps!

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