Amazon Prime Video App: Seamless Video Streaming

Amazon Prime Video App: Seamless Video Streaming

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Amazon has recently launched its new Amazon Prime video service for Windows operating systems and other platforms. Users can download this application in Microsoft or the app store provided that they have an Amazon Prime account. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, creating a new account is fast and easy. So, let’s take a deeper dive into the subject.

The Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime

The new Amazon Prime Video app will be everyone’s best friend to keep users entertained whenever needed. This video streaming service makes up for what a popular platform lacks in letting its users watch their favorite movies and TV shows.

Although the app is exclusive for Amazon Prime subscribers, the members have immediate access to more than a thousand titles in its library. Subscribers don’t have to pay any additional money to access what this video streaming service offers. Also, users can rent or buy other movies and TV shows and download the file to watch later on.

A Free 30-Day Trial

Allowing users to sign up for a 30-day trial is the Amazon Prime Video’s best feature. A trial is a good way for you to see whether you should subscribe to the service. While the monthly subscription of $8.9 9 a month or $99 per year is very attractive, dip your toes first before diving.

You will have this option for the app after your free trial ends once you’ve set up and subscribed. But you can cancel anytime before your trial ends if you don’t want to register. It’s that easy.

What’s Included For The Premium Membership

What’s Included For The Premium Membership

You also have access to Amazon Prime Video if you’re already subscribed to Amazon Prime. When you subscribe to Amazon Prime’s membership, there are loads of benefits, including free shipping two-day deliveries, downloadable music, gaming, access to a million ebooks, and more. Including these Free features is a perfect bundle.

However, not everyone is interested in doing much shopping online. Amazon is one of the biggest or best online shopping platforms. If, for instance, you don’t really go shopping online, but still would like to get the Amazon Prime Video, you can still do that.

You can watch movies and TV shows in HD, Ultra HD, and HDR if they are accessible when you’re subscribed to Amazon’s Prime Video service. You can enjoy the best quality of the content, without having to go out, with full access to a movie theater at your fingertips.

How It Competes Against Netflix

Having two of the most popular streaming platforms in your choices is hard. You will have to spend a lot on both of them over the long term. However, we all want to be more practical. Above all, we all want to be safe. So let’s be frank, it doesn’t seem very reasonable to subscribe to both platforms if you’re just going to stream videos all day long.

We all want a peaceful distraction every once in a while; however, too much is bad for your lifestyle. You just want to stay all day, every day, if you have countless more options for watching. Keep in mind that this will not be good for someone’s productivity.

Furthermore, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video differ in huge numbers when it comes to the number of TV shows and movies. Statistically, Amazon has 36,412 films and 6,133 TV shows accessible from November 2017. However, Netflix has 4,101 films and 2,814 TV show seasons.

Amazon Video Prime For iOS or Android

Amazon Prime Video is accessible to many smartphones and devices. Most of the smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets allow you to video stream with the app. Your smartphone is the most comfortable place to watch your favorite movies and shows. Amazon Prime Video will be available for you regardless of whether you are using an iOS or Android device!

If you are using an iOS device, all you need to do is go to the Apple Store and download it. But if you’re using Android, head to the Google Play Store, find and download the “Amazon Prime Video” app. You can now see it on the device’s home screen once the app is finished downloading. The only thing left to do is to start up the app and enjoy it.

Amazon Video Prime For Ios Or Android

The takeaway of Amazon Prime Video App

If you’re still uncertain about this new video streaming app, you’re encouraged to try this out. With only a few taps, you can get fantastic quality content as users can access more than a thousand content in its library, all at the palm of your hands. The video streaming app is fast, easy, and most importantly, affordable.

Furthermore, users can download as much video content they desire to have fun during various instances, such as going on a long commute or using it to unwind on the weekends. Amazon Prime Video is more affordable than the conventional subscriptions for cable and also other streaming services.

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